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Is there a rule against masturbating on Judgement day?

After a lifetime of porn watching and boning an occasional hottie....would it be in poor taste to tug during the high points of your life?

Atheist opinions ignored.

leeman Wrote:I love the meathead...

[Image: tumblr_pnl1g45f8U1th1wxm_540.jpg]

leeman Wrote:I love the meathead...

Mmmmm doughnut......

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

Watch that movie if you want a good idea of what probably will happen

[Image: 5ecb8c8ce0d15de6f702030c7c7de0705005f322.jpg]

this is a real masterpiece of junk -movie.

SSignature here - something witty - now you laugh

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