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Anybody know a person that...

...has "The" in front of their name, like "The Dave" or "The Greg"?

I don't know anybody like that, and I would be concerned that should I be introduced to one, I would not be able to control my compulsion to knee them directly in the scrote.
No matter how cool you or your friends think you are, please refrain from putting a "The" in front of your name. That's my take.

p.s. sup Spork

suzy Wrote:Seriously, I hope you like to be peed on.

I'm thinking of changing my nic to "The Prothought".

Hello Lecter,

Not to worry, as soon as my PHD is finished you can call me Dr.

-Teh SporK

Pre-order my book. I've written a bunch of material and we're currently shopping around for a publisher.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9892&stc=1]


My brother is "The Sponge"

cLaY Wrote:Knick-Knack Paddy's Whack, suckin' TF's Bone...

BIRD33 Wrote:You know who would be hilarious in a thread with this type of situation going on?Paddy.

BIRD33 Wrote:I was battling with the mods just like everyone else.

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