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51 year old man... 25 year old woman

Whats the problem?

Seriously... the job thing fucked him up. Plus that 20K payment...

[Image: petrino-rally-scoring-sign_405.jpg]

#1 she was engaged to be married to another university employee.

#2 she's a real whore.

#3 He was the face of the university and married to someone.

I just read about the payment.Pocket change for him but it don't look good.

There was a 30% chance he could have kept his job if he didnt leave the scene of that accident and chalked her being on the back of the bike as a favor to her because she asked for a ride.

See You In Toledo

If the payment and him getting her a job doesn't come out.... he keeps his job.

How'd you like to be this jackass that was engaged to her? Imagine all your buddies know you were #2 to some 51 year old football coach... Snarg would have picked up the cum flavor way before that dip shit.

Why the long face?
[Image: DIRTY_phpqFJoI3.jpg]

Her husband worked for the university swim team so he was probably gay anyway.

[Image: DIRTY_phpTvqqbX.jpg]

See You In Toledo

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