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So Madonnas halftime show was a satanic ritual and Obama is the anti christ?

You know i'm not surprised at all.

That anti-christ fixed the economy.

Also can we set an age limit of under 50 for halftime performers at the super bowl?

See You In Toledo

EVERYONE knows Obama really didn't want to kill Bin Laden.


Whats scary is your link is from some sad person with a mental illness who has access to the internet but Hannity preaches this crap every night to millions of morans and makes a boatload of cash doing so.

See You In Toledo

That guy needs a hobby.. no doubt. I imagine him living in some house thats unkempt and all the windows are boarded up. How much time must you spend reading the bible and trying to connect points to Obama...

C'mon man!

He has a hobby.Its connecting his dogs bowel movements to the return of the anti-christ.A double dose of thorazine is probably more in line.

See You In Toledo

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