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Banana's Soaked Panties

I have questions.

1. That's a really long user name, do you type in each time?

2. How soaked are we talking? Do you ruin keyboards on a regular basis?

3. Were you around for those lesbian encounters and do you have the pictures?

4. If you could, would you hook up with PHs soaked panties?

1. I Don't Understand (This Is not Fem)
2. Dripping
3. Soaked Panties do not Kiss and Tell.
4.I often Tea With PH's soaked Panties.

Drops of Dew


Banana's Soaked Panties Wrote:3. Soaked Panties do not Kiss and Tell.

so, you're saying there was kissing? with or without tongue? Above or below the belt?

Bump. This was a related thread.

Stop posting. Thanks.

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