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Putin WTF!!!!

Take a chill pill!

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

Can't someone just send 007 in to Russia and kill the mother fukker...?
Ping Queen Ealisabeth.

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

This is the beginning of the end for Putin
Published 25 Feb 2022 at 11.45 by MAGNUS FALKEHED

Ukraine will be the victory that will bring down Vladimir Putin. The isolated tsar increasingly resembles a character in some tragic Shakespearean drama, unable to read the world outside the palace walls. Almost everything he has wanted to achieve for 20 years is now starting to fall apart.

He will probably for another time - perhaps for many years - walk around manically in circles in his palace, terrified of being poisoned or infected with coronavirus and scolding one lackey after another. From time to time, Putin may also order the assassination of one of the relatives who happened to raise an eyebrow a little too clearly before a new order.

All his advisers will explain to him the success of his various operations; perhaps that an imprisoned opposition leader has been found mysteriously dead in a heart attack in a prison or that the President of Ukraine has been executed.

Possibly he walks around and chuckles today when he notices that the Western world did not shut Russia off from the navel of big business: the Swift system - what has been described as the ultimate weapon. He probably smiles when he hears that mainly Germany and Italy were against it, so far.

The Swift system is the tool that allows the West to continue to buy Russian gas for our strained energy supply and thus continue to finance Putin's war apparatus.

There are 25 administrators in La Hulpe in Belgium - a small town smaller than Bengtsfors - and control cash flows at astronomical levels.

But it is not their decision not to throw the Russians out of Hallsberg of big business. It is our democratically elected leaders who have the fingertips of what their voters are prepared to sacrifice.

That does not stop Putin from already standing on the losing battlefield.

The loser will be too unbearable for those around him. Historically, it can take time. But on that day, the coup plotters or protesters will be supported by the outside world, whether the help comes from Beijing, Washington or Brussels.

Putin and his regime are now seeing everything they have worked for collapse.

For 20 years, Putin has been fighting to divide the EU. Never before have our European nations been so united. Even Hungary's Viktor Orbán is standing in line! Only it is an achievement. Turkey - one of Putin's formerly close nations that a few days ago had hoped to mediate - now sees how Putin risks bombing their factories in Ukraine.

Putin wanted to prevent Sweden and Finland from joining NATO. Now the question is no longer taboo.

Putin wanted to sit at the table of the powerful and rule the world. Russia's economic weight is no greater than Spain's. Now it risks being slowly strangled when it gets a gangster stamp. The Chinese are his only friend of importance. But they will not respect him much more than what they see between the fingers of a corrupt African leader who supplies the raw materials that China needs.

The dictator in Moscow has forced a paradigm shift with his bombs on the people of Ukraine - the people who were once again portrayed as Russian brothers.

Being called Putin's brother if you live in Moldova should feel pretty nervous today. All Russian soft power is punctured for decades to come.

We in the West could live by being greetings and money launderers for the thieves of the Russian regime: those who spent what should be the money of the Russian people on the Riviera, in ski resorts in the Alps and put their children in the best private schools, preferably near Dad's bank in London .

Being a healer to a thief is one thing, but pretending to be an accomplice to a murderer is essential.

There sits the moral watershed that today made the historic sanctions package go through and perhaps soon strengthened.

Putin has also fought to strengthen the political parties in the West that have been most tolerant of Russia's abuses against its own people. When countries such as France, Hungary and Sweden go to the polls this year, he will receive a receipt for how resilient the influence of the Russian trolls is, now that the emperor is naked.

In addition, he is no longer alone in waging war in cyberspace. On Friday morning, France's former defense minister and today foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian admitted in a radio interview that his country will "assist" the Ukrainians in the ongoing digital war. Although he did not want to say exactly how.

At the same time, the minister reminded Russia that France also has nuclear weapons.

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

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