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Trumpee is getting impeached

So what will happen next ? It's like Pence will come in or you gonna have new elections ?

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he won't get impeached.

Libtard desperation is a hell of a drug.....

[Image: giphy.gif]

I don't mind getting high with the help of my friends.

Banana Wrote:I've already said that who is my fave motivational poster

Try not to irritate Bird he is Vagina Sensitive

nah I mean, guys around here it's called a defiance vote.
Guy loses a confidence work, new election are done, new coalition. usual stuff.

but you guys make it so it's the end of the world (but gotta admit that 1st daughter and 1st wife are hot for one time).

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Wouldn't an impeachment only rally his voters and cause a huge turn out of them in the next elections though? Impeachment didn't stop good old Bill.

Yup. Probably win by an even larger margin now.

A ham sandwich can outrun that clowncar that the Dems put together. Trump is a shoe in.

So ... Is he getting convicted?

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

Well ... did that go south or north?

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

Trump won.

Dems look like dummies in all of this. What a complete waste of time.

Trump 2020

Yeah total waste of time we've had here. I mean nothing major against Trump - apart that he's not really world class politician but again look at the clow car parade that we have nowadays.

My new money is between Erdogan, Putin and Assad. Awesome trio of 'look we fuck each others - don't we' but at the end of the day they all get the advances they wanted.
- First of all, nobody is talking anymore about the ISIS warriors kept as war prisonners (rip , not really but still rip hope you get your 20 goats up there) -
- the Kurds, well they are going to get the short stick again (but again Irak collapsing again could be a life savier for them ...or not anyhow..)
- Asad doesn't really had the force to dislodge the remnaints of ISIS and the YSIL and secure the rest of Syria... but now the Turcs are going the deed up there
- Turcs get to cleanse out the Kurds militias gangma style
- Russians get to stay the third man of the threesome loved and both hated for that role, keeping out occidentals out of that role there

Hey who wants to skinny dip into that hot mess ?? nobody for sure, Macron is locked in france by a bunch of ragged beggars, Merkel is out of the loop fighting real hard not to have proto-pseudo-nazis get into parliament, Briton's are like well 10000 kms away with no support of Trump for any costly 'intervention' over there to restore 'democracy' --- read occidental interests which are coincidentaly not the 'populations well being interest' (same could apply to russians there..)

So your new president is going to be that gay dude ?

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