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Listen up Everyone!
I'm gonna go through all of the posts from 2019 and start compiling an annual "Best of" series and give awards to the people that went above and beyond in great content for the board this year.  Its not too late, but with only a little over a month left, I need to get started.

If anyone has any submissions, please let me know.  Remember, qualifying posts must be dated with 2019.  Thanks.
Ohh this will be easy ....

There are none ...

Same amount as good lays for TF....
Why do I keep this cesspool alive?
You should ban Flumper just as he’s about to announce his winners
Banana Wrote:I've already said that who is my fave motivational poster

Try not to irritate Bird he is Vagina Sensitive
(11-06-2019, 12:55 AM)who Wrote: You should ban Flumper just as he’s about to announce his winners

interestingly enough, this has actually made the list for consideration.
Jeebus do me a 180
SSignature here - something witty - now you laugh

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