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So Leeman was it worth the approximate 100K

you spent in monthly payments for the other hosting and formatting rights? 

Huh Huh

Banana Wrote:I've already said that who is my fave motivational poster

Try not to irritate Bird he is Vagina Sensitive


Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

It was worth every penny for the memories I have meeting and interacting with Bird33. Thank you, Leeman.

Let's do some leeman calculations (ah!)
a) (food)
b) (jafjaf / japjap)

1. What if bossman went to have fun instead of running a website ?

1a. The insatiable mofo:
Say three times a week bossman go to see a nice escort and have then a glass of wine.

a) says to us that you don't get nothing under 2000 sek (which is a low price - for one hour) - let's say on the few ads I've scouted (for research purposes) that every visit is a  2500 SEK minimum. Give you ~250 EUR (approx 280 dollars)
b) says 10 dollar a glass of wine (jeesus christ ...) -

so 3x 2500 + 300 sek = 7800 SEK per week == 800 USD per week (upper limit - say he has wine with extras, or the escort proposes 'girlfriend experience').

100k / 800 = 125 weeks.
Giving 5 weeks in a month -- you have 25 months non stop (2 years + 1 month) where you go visit prostitues and then have a glass of wine.

1b. The weekly fucker
Ok - we all have a busy week, going to see chicks and drink wine three times a week is not a feasible thing, I mean you have to go grocery shoping sometimes he ?
So Juff juff is one time per week, this time we take a nicer GF, say at 4000 sek the visit; same protocol, GF then a glass of wine.
4000 + 100 SEK = 4100 (Swedish money) per week == 430 USD

100k / 430 = 233 weeks = 46.6 (47 months) ... approx 4 years of weekly juff juff

1c. The montly fucker
Ok bossman is old and then in fact he preffer to go to a very specialized escort who will insert stuff into unamed places (and vice versa) - service is extra say...8000 sek a seance (but there is no bulltshit for time and so). Then bossman has a wine + a beef plank steak (evidence)

8000 + 200 = 8200 SEK = 850 usd per month.
100K/850 == 118 months == 9.83 years say approx 10 years.

So bossman if you went to a super extra GF to do whatever exciting stuff you want everymonth then had a super dinner you'll have had 10 years of fun or 4 years if you went like a rabbit three freaking times a week (ok no big dinner this time but I suppose you get grossed out by your finger smell after a while).

SSignature here - something witty - now you laugh

Mother fukking rack!

Damn I miss the good times when this was standard here on IT.

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

i sure wish i understood it. i bet its good.

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