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Site moved to new host and new software

I had to move to a cheaper hosting solution. (it's actually better as well)
And doing so I upgraded the PHP version and the old site engine couldn't handle it (Wooly found out).

An upgrade of VBulletin was $300 and changing to MyBB was free so it was an easy choice.
One thing that went wrong in the merge was that some attachments didn't really wanna come over...

Who cares... it's the written content that matters.

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

You may send the bill to 8.

[Image: boston.jpg]

cash or check?


Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

Yes content over pictures !
Moreover I'm on mobile at the moment.

In all cases I'm quite happy to see you all (alive)

SSignature here - something witty - now you laugh

Click the links!

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