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stay classy philly!

[Image: boston.jpg]

Let me see if I understand this...A bunch of tools wearing hockey jerseys gather at a philadelphia landmark and some other tools wearing the opposing teams jersey think its a great idea to go to this same place.Why am I not surprised that a fight breaks out amongst fans of a sport that glorifies fighting.You can see the guy trying to pull the jersey over the other guys head like one of his hero's.This is more of an indictment on hockey you fucking idiot.

See You In Toledo


The "Winter Classic"(classic in the same way a vw bug is a classic car) which is the nhl's show piece pulled in a monstrous 2.1 rating.For comparisons sake the bowl between Iowa and Oklahoma St drew a 3.0 rating and it wasnt on a major network.

Plus I hear they are bringing back the red line now.What a fucking solid sport with all its rule changes every two years.

See You In Toledo


Make your football bets, pussy.

See You In Toledo

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