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2011 MLB Predictions

Here ya go bird:

AL East: Boston Redsox
AL Central: Chicago Whitesox
AL West: Los Angeles Angels
Wildcard: Detroit Tigers

NL East: Atlanta Braves
NL Central: Milwaukee Brewers
NL West: Colorado Rockies
Wildcard: Philadelphia Phillies

AL MVP: Adrian Gonzalez
NL MVP: Troy Tulowitzki

AL Cy Young: Jon Lester
NY Cy Young: Roy Halladay

The braves are the new Mets.Fuck off.

See You In Toledo

Could be... I'm always weary of "super teams" though.. sup heat?

The heat are going to the finals.

See You In Toledo

One of the four pitchers for the Phillies will not finish the year.Just a feeling I have.

See You In Toledo

g8tor drinking the sox kool-aid

[Image: boston.jpg]

al east - sox
al central - sox
al west - rangers
wild card - yanks

al east - phils
al central - reds
al west - dodgers
wild card - braves

al mvp - gonzalez
nl mvp - votto

al cy young - hernandez
nl cy young - kershaw

world series - sox over phils

[Image: boston.jpg]

WoolyGoat Wrote:g8tor drinking the sox kool-aid

glad they went out and got swept for me.

This is the single biggest collection of white people on the subway in Philly I've ever seen.


See You In Toledo

If the redsox don't get their shit together soon, they'll be playing catch up all year... while hoping for no injuries...

Red sox caught up... Almost all star break!

Phil's are playing great ball the last 10 games.Totally dead all game last night against the Marlins and they come back from 3 down with two outs in the bottom of the 9th to tie it and then win it in extra innings.Watch out for my boy Dominic Brown.Kid hit a upper decker the other night without even trying.

The rotation after last nights outing for halliday in which he had a rough 1st inning is now.


Oswalt is kind of a bitch.

See You In Toledo

Yeah fuck Oswalt. I was glad when the stros dumped him. He is WAY overpaid. I'm glad the stros are being sold. While Wade has lead the Astros to their best 10 year stretch he has done some dumb as shit things.

1. Giving Carlos Lee 100 Million.
2. Giving Bret Myers a big contract.
3. Giving Wandy Rodriguez a big contract.
4. Giving Brandon Lyon a contract period.

These 4 things will be why the Astros suck for the next 5 years. Maybe.. and i mean MAYBE they can trade Wandy to some team needing a #3 starter. They are stuck like chuck with Lee and Myers.

After last nights complete game shutout Lee moves up over Halliday.High class problems, yo.

From what I read the potential new owner of the astro's is the Donald Sterling of the MLB.Won't hire the blacks because you can't fire them.So true.

Wade has been good to the Phil's in trades.Brett Myers is a stone cold nut case.

See You In Toledo

phils will not win the world series. mark it down.

[Image: boston.jpg]

Phils win the world series.Possibly conquer the universe.

See You In Toledo

your offense is washed up, guy.

placido polanco is the leading hitter on the team? oooohhh scaaaary.

[Image: boston.jpg]

Utley and Rollins are just getting healthy and we still have Ryan Howard.Oh by the way we have the greatest starting rotation ever assembled.See you in the World Series.

See You In Toledo

the same Ryan Howard that had 0 hr and 0 rbi in the playoffs last year? terrifying.

and the sox own halladay and lee, so I'm not concerned. career era north of 4 for both of them.

[Image: boston.jpg]

WoolyGoat Wrote:the same Ryan Howard that had 0 hr and 0 rbi in the playoffs last year? terrifying.

and the sox own halladay and lee, so I'm not concerned. career era north of 4 for both of them.

Hello, guy.That was quite an "owning" last night by those fearsome saaaawx hitters.2 hits is a lot, correct?Lee seemed rattled the whole game especially when he mowed down the last three batters in less than 5 minutes.Geez I'm super duper worried about facing the saaaawx in the world series now.Please share more of your insider baseball knowledge.

See You In Toledo

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