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Does Bird still post here?

He's in the wrong section of town for that.Trust me.

See You In Toledo

Philly in the snow sucks ass.
and FTR:
1) my jeep fit in the parking garage just fine.
2) I did not find bird in any bar/pub/restaurant.
3) I saw two cross dressers. Both were the size of Andre the giant and wearing fur coats....

I was driving down broad street at 8 this morning and got stopped at a light.Directly to my left was a black guy doing a michael jackson dance routine by himself.I assumed there was music playing because he didnt have ear phones or anything.I rolled down my window and it was silent minus his grunting as he moon walked.

See You In Toledo

yeah, I told my co-worker to knock that shit off before I kicked him in the nuts.

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