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Just a friendly hello

Hello assholes

This forum has really lame emotes - although - they can tell stories
Smile I'm an innocent nice person
Sad( grab the hanky - this is going to make you cry
:Zipit: Oh, I won't say a word - really
:blink: uhhh...really..i'm not an asswipe
:rmad: If you didn't invade my privacy, I would not have been found to be an asswipe
:drool: But asswipe I am and you found me following and kissing up to some fucking ugly whores
:fuckYou: but fuck you for invading my privacy - not following ugly whores!
:err: well...yeah I am..but better to flip it on you
:apple: and you always thought i was such a nice virgin angle
Rolleyes but guess i fooled you


:nah: it's not true, it's not is true
:confused: so why are you so mad..that I'm a fucking idiot?
>< ewwww....never thought she would find out
:bew:this one should be a gun to the head
:$ aww shucks...I do hope they don't say anything more

Only 10 emotes a post? Who the fuck made that shit rule....fuck off

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Why the fuck does most hide here....fucking cowards

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Looks like the cowards are dropping like the filthy flies they are....guess I best do something important now, like fly off some emails. I have a feeling it's going to be a very busy next year.

Who are the most disgusting people on this forum? Only they need to reply if they have the courage. Have a feeling the cowards won't speak. Flip crap back on me will ya, you demented pieces of shit - I don't think so

Mmmmkay ....

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

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