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Rain in your forcast flump...

I hope so. We need it.

Winds will top out around 40 MPH which ain't shit. Plenty of rain though.

Surely by the time it gets to north texas it will just be rain. I hear they've already started evacuating the gulf and have shut down the relief well work and have it plugged for a week until the storm passes.

Did it rain?I NEED CLOSURE!

See You In Toledo

BIRD33 Wrote:Did it rain?I NEED CLOSURE!

We will find out monday.

my forecast has an "e" in it. i'm not sure what this thread is about.

actually on the weather last night, they have moved the path more to the east. right at New Orleans. And right over the oil spill.

they said it will be whipping all that oil up onto the beaches and wetlands, making the mess much worse. and the worst is that they have to pull in all of the oil booms that are protecting the beaches and wetlands.

Why hasnt Obama gotten the weather patterns on earth under control yet?He's been in office for almost 2 years for god sakes!

See You In Toledo

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