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"I didn't even post in your stupid attack thread at CF...."

Blondie Wrote:I didn't even post in your stupid attack thread at CF....

Oh, my mistake. It must've been the "other" pathological lying Blondie.

[Image: lyingcunt1.jpg]

[Image: lyingcunt2.jpg]

[Image: lyingcunt3.jpg]

[Image: lyingcunt4.jpg]

[Image: lyingcunt5.jpg]

[Image: lyingcunt6.jpg]

[Image: lyingcunt7.jpg]

[Image: lyingcunt8.jpg]

[Image: lyingcunt9.jpg]

[Image: lyingcunt10.jpg]

And that's not all of the posts.

But yeah, she doesn't lie.

[Image: 564.gif]

Not bad....go fuck yourself :"::

Speaking of lies and providing proof of such,


Nobody fucking cares.Take this elsewhere.

See You In Toledo

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