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This place looks just like UJ.

Those copycats. :fuckYou:

Jimmy - The old Hardcore Standard. :clap:

They wanted to get in on the suck.

nope to have it UJ you need threads like :

- Best kitchen appliance ? (NSFW for the help)
- Bear eats baby (NSFW we removed the bear to put some tits because it is either scary for us puritans and closet porn addicts)
- Car sells (nobody answered that one so it stayed SFW)
- I broke my penis (NSFW again no penis pics just a general bunch of porn pics so to 'make the pain' to the UJ guy)
- I hate mexicuns (NSFW with Thailandese girls in it)

Post tits n00b.

ncbiker Wrote:Squirt, why in the fuck did you feel in necessary to follow Christy here? You are doing everything that Christy says you do.

WoolyGoat Wrote:squirt, will you at least admit you come here for her?

Blondie Wrote:Post tits n00b.

"post if you are proud to be american"

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