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Hi I'm new here

Okay. Now I see what you meant. Thanks for the clarification, Wooly. The two names are similar. My username on this board is actually one of my real life nicknames.

When I was fighting wildland fires in the early 90’s we were stationed in a firehouse with a semi-common shower. The five of us had just finished PT and hit the showers. I took a really hot shower and my baby cannon was swinging low. One of our first-year newbies, Hugo Ramos, looks at my package and says, “Holy shit. Hairy’s got a horse’s dick and a monkey’s balls. Checking out another man’s genitals and making comments was common for Gary; he played semi-pro baseball and locker room talk was a part of his personality.

My nickname quickly became Monkey Balls. The name stuck for years and years until the whole badonkadonk craze got started and my friends decided to “enhance” my nickname to Badonkadonk Monkey Balls.

If my nickname is going to cause this board posting constipation, I’ll change the nic.

So you are or are not Big Donkey?

leeman Wrote:I love the meathead...

Yes I are or are not Big Donkey that is correct.

Thanks, Douche.

leeman Wrote:I love the meathead...

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