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Time to buy a lottery ticket...

[ame=""]YouTube - Very lucky people[/ame]

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

I was playing golf last Wed.Second hole, dog leg left around some trees.I try to finesse it and totally get under it with my driver.Ball goes straight up and is coming down about 140 yds away from me and 30 yards to the edge of the fairway.As soon as I hit it I scream fuck and bend down to pick my tee up.As I'm picking my tee up I hear the unmistakable sound of a ball hitting a cart which was odd because I basically hit into a empty field.I look up and it turns out some grounds keeper kid was heading full speed to the maintenance garage across the course in a straight line without even looking if people were hitting.The ball basically came in from 200ft up straight down like a sandwedge because I hit it a mile in the air with the driver. It hit hard right in the middle of the carts roof and scared the shit out of the kid.The odds of that happening are ridiculous.I almost apologized to the kid and then realized he's the fucking idiot.

See You In Toledo

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