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What would a piece of Land like this cost..

..where you come from?

365.6 Acres

Stocked fishing/duck hunting lake.
Hardwoods throughout: huge oaks, pecans,
Custom built stone and pipe rail entrances
3400 ft county road frontage
Fenced wildlife area
Water and electric on property
30 x 50 enclosed metal building
37 x 50 barn
Improved grass meadows
Rolling topography
Perimeter fencing with 3 gated entrances
Abundant duck and dove, deer

[Image: 365_lake.jpg]

[Image: 365_barn.jpg]

[Image: 365_meadow.jpg]

[Image: 365_oaks.jpg]

[Image: 365_pond_road.jpg]

[Image: 365_wildlife.jpg]

[Image: 365_stone_entry.jpg]

[Image: 365_duck.jpg]

[Image: 365_pond_view.jpg]

[Image: 365_lane.jpg]

[Image: 365_field.jpg]

[Image: 365_pond.jpg]

In the county I live in it would be well over 15 million.

See You In Toledo

$1 million is what they have it listed. One hour and 30 min drive from Dallas.

Ridiculous.I'd have to go to the center of the state to get that type of pricing.

See You In Toledo

What town is that close to Flumper?

Dagger Wrote:What town is that close to Flumper?

Says its near Greenville.

No way you can get 300 acres 1.5 hrs from Philly.

Up in the Kutztown area you might be able to.

See You In Toledo

seems the perfect place to open that new apocalypse sect.

ntype Wrote:seems the perfect place to open that new apocalypse sect.

the flumper dividians

quint Wrote:the flumper dividians

featuring quint.

See You In Toledo

BIRD33 Wrote:featuring quint.

not a big fan of Texas.

quint Wrote:not a big fan of Texas.

is it our sodomy laws?

Flumper Barflusterbutt Wrote:is it our sodomy laws?

not aware the laws you speak of.
couldn't be that close to so many Cowboy fans.
I do like the Mavs though.

How can you like the Mav's?Dirks a pussy and Cubans a baby.

See You In Toledo

I would venture to guess that (if you had the money) you could buy somewhere around 1,000,000 acres (or maybe more) within 1.5 hours of dallas that looked about like that. At least raw land with no improvements.

That is some beautiful land. Some day we all may need to learn to live off the land again in Northern Canada when the nukes go off in the US

snarg Wrote:i like that silky is here
we need more down and dirty here

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