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I just bought a new laptop.

who Wrote:they're all unavailable

Use the other link.

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

who Wrote:my bad

and all this time i thought you were ejukaded:bew:

I realise that I have a past to break with--an accumulation of inertia, wrong, foolishness, rot, junk.  A great need of clarification, of mindfulness, or rather, of no mind.  A need to return to genuine practice, right effort.  Need to push on the great doubt.  Need for the spirit.  Hang on to the clear light.
Thomas Merton


snarg Wrote:and all this time i thought you were ejukaded:bew:

I've lived in Floriduh to long

Me too

Nice earrings flumper.

See You In Toledo

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