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Its been awhile

[BANANA][SIZE="5"]I'm Loved and
Adored here, also[/SIZE]

not much, banana. there anywhere that you arent adored?

Way to go on a three pager. Most action this place has seen in ages.



cLaY Wrote:Knick-Knack Paddy's Whack, suckin' TF's Bone...

BIRD33 Wrote:You know who would be hilarious in a thread with this type of situation going on?Paddy.

BIRD33 Wrote:I was battling with the mods just like everyone else.

Banana Wrote:I must have been on my psycho pregnant bitch hiatus when Flonk was around. Sup flonk?

Mandy, how's the babe?

She's good, she's growing way too fast!

[COLOR="Purple"][SIZE="4"]I'm not a retard.
But I play one on the interwebby[/SIZE]

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