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which shithole forum

Raiden Wrote:I've got a link for your ass.

Hi handsome. :wub:

Blueeyedwoman Wrote:Hi handsome. :wub:


you still post here?

You betcha. So ... what's the deal with your guys trying to piss in the corners of this site? Seems retarded, but oh well.

Blueeyedwoman Wrote:this site? Seems retarded, but oh well.

I agree. Oh well.

PaintItBlack Wrote:Raiden is an IT'r, always has been. Besides, none of you have presented a challenge. Better ban me now to save face.

Says the resident forum retard.

Zerothreat Wrote:Says the resident forum retard.

Step off before you end up crying like the rest of the fools here, bitch.

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