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Why don't you tell me about yourself? I'm curious about you.

Gadonkadonk Money Dawg Wrote:Does he get to pull the whistle? If so it is still semi-$$$$.

yeah he pulls the whistle but the hat is what makes the job for me... i would have quit when I found out there was no hat in the deal

Anhil8tor Wrote:yeah he pulls the whistle but the hat is what makes the job for me... i would have quit when I found out there was no hat in the deal

And now you wear a hair net! Nice career move! You showed them!

Hello, I am called Ray and I come from Sacramento. In Sacramento I am making the fancy pools for the swimming and the features of water. My english is not well.

Anhil8tor Wrote:I'll do some more...

31. People from my area are referred to as coon-asses

do you know that's an insult ? (connasse err litterally "cunt")

ntype Wrote:do you know that's an insult ? (connasse err litterally "cunt")

It isn't technically an insult here. When I get time.. I'll swing by wal-mart and buy you a Registered Coon Ass shirt

you want a M or L

1. Nobody wants to know.

Anhil8tor Wrote:It isn't technically an insult here. When I get time.. I'll swing by wal-mart and buy you a Registered Coon Ass shirt

you want a M or L

mmh we have funky tshirts here with cool slogans like

"de puta madre"
"cocain delivery service"

or stuff like that :

[Image: putamadre9yl.jpg]

ya want it ?

ntype Wrote:1. Nobody wants to know.

I do! I do!

cLaY Wrote:Knick-Knack Paddy's Whack, suckin' TF's Bone...

BIRD33 Wrote:You know who would be hilarious in a thread with this type of situation going on?Paddy.

BIRD33 Wrote:I was battling with the mods just like everyone else.

Paddy Wrote:I do! I do!

your nick comes from here ?

[Image: Paddy-Power.jpg]

ntype Wrote:ya want it ?

what does it mean?

Shall we start another box?

Anhil8tor Wrote:what does it mean?

Shall we start another box?

dunno first tell me if my european "XL" is good for you as where they sell this kind of crappy nationalist stuff they were going up as XXL (holy cow)

will do..

I'll get you a best of wal-mart this time

Anhil8tor Wrote:will do..

I'll get you a best of wal-mart this time

"holy cow"

1. Grew up in a small town.
2. Rode bulls in high school and college.
3. Hustled pool tables in college.
4. Graduated cum loud.
5. Fucked a fat girl and let my roommate watch one time.
6. Lived with 5 other guys in an apartment in college. We did not get the deposit back.
7. My nickname in college was Animal.
8. I am always ready to either fuck, fight or hold the light.
9. I can recite every word from the Budweiser creed on the beer label.
10. I solved the rubik's cube on a bet for a case of beer and can still work it today.
11. I have not sent any cock pics to anyone on IT.
12. I picked up a stripper one time in a bar and took her to a friend's shop and she helped me weld a headache rack for my pickup.
13. I own a road construction company.
14. I was a pole vaulter in high school.
15. I can hit a golf ball 300 yards with a 3 wood.
16. I am a licensed professional engineer (civil engineering).
17. I have many deer heads mounted in my house.
18. I gave mouth to mouth to a dead truck driver one time.
19. I have a Masters degree from Texas A&M
20. I snow ski and water ski.
21. I do some artwork, mostly for charity.
22. I am a news and sports junkie.
23. I own two tuxedos, no suit, and several sports coats.
24. I do not do any illegal drugs.
25. My first job was working in an ice cream parlor.
26. I enjoy hunting feral hogs.
27. I introduced Harvey Martin on Harvey Martin Day in High School.
28. I grew up with Wade Wilson (Minn, Dallas QB).
29. There are three bars and five refrigerators in my house.
30. I used a slide rule in high school because no one had calculators yet.

ok my turn :

1. 29
2. swiss and italian
3. graduated from business school then IT but surprinsingly I didn't had much to learn there.
5. I am fluent in french, italian
6. Good knowledge of english and german, got some survival spanish. As a side note I know how to say in russian that I don't speak russian
7. Had once a 3 days exclusion from school because one day they remarked (my bad) that it was 3 years that I was faking "behavior grades" (well other grades too).
8. We organized a few epoch parties in school, mainly smocking pot and preparing huge cocktails in boxes
9. I had a hard time to learn how to shut up. I can be quite direct. way too much. Now I just shut up.
10. I smocke weed, hash in a irregular manner done C once
11. I need at least 5 coffees a day.
12. I try to forget that I love a chick
13. I love my job
14. Chicks give me always cute names but I have trouble in finding that cute one was calling me "little tiger" (well it's the closest translation I could find) another one was calling me with a name "ntype-caramel" and stuff.
15. broke the two crossed ligaments at the right knee skiing.
16. If you want to know how it sounds to injury your knee next time twist a chicken bone you'll know. it's quite close
17. I drink only vodka. Otherwise whine, preferably red one. Don't talk about that merlot shit with me, we have hundreds of different wines here.
18. I don't care if people like me or not
19. Nobody helped me, ever.
20. I don't do "vengeance", I don't keep grudges against people
21. I think things will always be better tomorrow, even when I'm down
22. I read a lot of books (see point 5 and 6 I read a pile of books in different languages)
23. I once insulted (one of those moments when you shout all the insults you know until you almost lose your voice) and punched my german teacher, I only had "two bad points" on my behavior grade.
24. I don't know how to fill those lists
25. I can finish quite silly in parties
26. I love to go clubbin
27. I don't know how to fill those lists
28. My life isn't interesting in fact.
29. Good night

1. never been committed

2. been a junkie

3. cornell drop-out, class of '71

4. never ran a marathon

5. have tried virtually every drug at least once

6. began studying zen with a master in '69

7. have been wealthy and have been a dumpster diver

8. i sing "only you" to my mexican gf, she does not speak english

9. played baseball and basketball in High School

10. tried to learn to play banjo when i lived in arkansas, have no talent

11. I've sent out no cock pics to IT members

12. I boned the mistress of the PM of denmark
13. I boned a my daughter's mother
14. I woke up one morning in jail after going to a strip club and leaving with several of the dancers

15. I'm never bored

16. I don't like to fight

17. I rarely pass up a deer

18. Little obsesive about NY times sunday X-word

19. Love waking up next to a woman

20. smoking and Drinking are my two vices now

21. used to shoot squirrels with a single shot 22, the only gun i have ever owned, traded 4 old truck batteries for it

22. Owned a tractor when i had a subsistence farm

23. had a triumph bonneville 650, it was da shit

24. have acted on stage, semi-pro

25. once did a solo performance piece that went 6 hrs

26. Lived in mexico for 10 yrs

27. I used to own a spa, i should not have sold it

28. had the mexican mafia beat the crap out of me and tell me they didn't feel like killing me, i thanked them and went on my way; they came to my house later to apologize for the beating

29. I have had goats, chickens, dogs cats, horses, mules and used to run a llama farm

30. I lived for five yrs in the ozarks without electriciy and running water (but not without dope!!)

31. my daughter's mother and i were married three times in three different religious ceremonies, something for everyone; she died in my arms when she was 29

32. i could go on forever, i am too old

I realise that I have a past to break with--an accumulation of inertia, wrong, foolishness, rot, junk.  A great need of clarification, of mindfulness, or rather, of no mind.  A need to return to genuine practice, right effort.  Need to push on the great doubt.  Need for the spirit.  Hang on to the clear light.
Thomas Merton


Lots o' words here.


Flumper Barflusterbutt Wrote:29. There are three bars and five refrigerators in my house.

Hi. :wub:

(ps. 5 refrigerators??)

Major Private Wrote:

8. I can speak write and read Russian, English (duh) and Spanish. I have a working conversational ability in Thai
26. Lived in Thailand, Germany and Honduras
Thats cute that your able to speak thai. Im half never been to thailand though, but plan on going next year during the new years celebration. How did you like it there?

Specialist in pleasing erotic sensations.
member of the Sons of Cunnilingus

I LOVE Thailand!!! I have relatives there too (my Uncle is married to a Thai). Went there once in the military, and once as a civilian for just pleasure (almost 4 months). Their predominating ideology on life is "Sabai". Loosely translated it means fun. The Thais are a fun loving, friendly people. I highly reccomend it, and I am thinking about investing there if the exchange rate stays good. My Uncle just bought a NICE condo for about $22K USD:eek:
And the weed there???? MwHaaHaaHaa the best in the world.

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