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Famous IT'ers quote

1. Leeman, site owner : "My local hospital nows makes cool loyalty cards, every 10 visists I got a free massage by a hot nurse"

2. TF, serial chickscarrer : "so after I told her that she was cool and stuff I proposed her a threesome with some bestiality. She freaked out seeing the pony and now calls me weirdo"

3. 8, down the bayou : "howdy an aligator eated my pants, now I'm going to gooze some beer waiting for his return. I'll be naked but with leather boots"

4. Clay, on pussy rehab' : "My wife won't give me pussy, now I masturbate in front of the game, that doesn't change a lot from before I was married. Just that I have to clean the wall now".

5. BEW, needs attention : "here's some another improbable story that hapenned to me, HEY LISTEN. ok another thread LISTEN TO ME. ok ok another thread I LEAVE. another thread "LOLOLOL 0X0X0111!"

6. MT's minions : "We hate you MT and we don't use private messaging"

7. Snarg, junkie in the past, old now : "Hey listen to me, I was there when they signed that independance declaration, you fucks"

8. Bill aka dallas *chowgirl* : "so I was in my houze (sp?) goozing bir (sp?) and chewing raw meat when I learnt that there were 5 incontinents (sp?)"

9. Flumper masturbaflutabut, lives in a basement : "I employ mexican people to roll and clean me"

10. Bird33, it's a man ? it's a woman ? no it's a bird33 : "You are a bunch of fukkers, I hate you, I may even going to do another thread about that"

11. PurpleHaze, sneaky hottie : "I miss being drunk and smoke and get wasted"

12. Ntype, crazy dude : "wwagaf, undersobelievable and NOOO help a monkey is trying to put my desk on fire"

(do your own I'm running out of inspiration right now)

ok time for some update, some were left out the game

13. WoolyGoat, well hung pet : "Ok any 10 out 20 games giving stats of a McManamary striker under lsd is not worthy, anyhow I stayed until late to check the final results"

14. Paybackshare, Chemical princess of IT : "Oh yeah so the best part of my job is that I get free samples of vicodin and stuff. Do you think that if I mix them in my best part food he'll ask me in marriage ?"

15. VitE, master of a troll army : "We think that cats are funny" "no we don't think so" "wait it wasn't me" "ok I'm In"

16. Fairiedust, associated press bot poster : "Latest news : another dumbfuck made something incredibly stupid". Comment : let's burn him. (thanks for the input)

17. Devious, hyperlink junkie : "click here"

18. Jdub, he's the cool kid who shares his porn magazines : "Here's some atomic Titiiiiiiiies" (sound of a happy crowd behind)

19. Pepsi, proof that luckily asian people are not all smart : "soooo I've got this new business I received cool stuff for a tenth of the legit price, but it's all legal. On a side note I bought my boyfriend on the internet and he doesn't like me. I'm sooo sad"

20. Banana, canadian hottie on the board : "hello this is Jimmy"

21. Don, another canadian, newbie got to prove his tardness : "Hello you are cool, I like to post here" (he's a newbie that's the reason)

22. Leu, smiley master : "Here's a pic and some link to music, discuss while I'm out to gooze beer at the expense of a customer"

23. Ninjabassist, IT trailer park infiltrated agent : "So I made a hole in the wall but it's a trailer so now I've got a hole in the trailer and it's annoying because chicks could escape easily now"

24. UJ'ers, comes here because we are a free zone : "you are a bunch of moron" / usually followed by a bunch of "thanks you" as answers. they will probably never get it. Famous for stoling ideas around here.

25. Sandog, the famous dude with checkered snickers : "I AM NOT FROM SAN DIEGO, it's because san is used as bla bla", anyhow everyone thinks he lives in san diego or san francisco

26. TammyC, needs to update his customer database : "So I was sent in this town but looks like half of the city was ripped off by a tornado, here's a few pics. I may going to hunt some wildlife with the car for my tonight lunch"

27. Michman, the famous "one shot poster" : "If it isn't about sports I'm not going to say a lot, I'm not an attention whore"

28. Raiden, owned pool boy : "I am NOT a pool boy, I am a landscape designer who build a lot of pools but I'm not a pool boy"

29. CT280, needed 279 accounts before to find is style : ""



[Image: boston.jpg]

WoolyGoat Wrote:RACK!



I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours

:blink: :loool:


I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.

Top shelf!

Fucking A, so embarrassing. But double triple RACK!!!!

fuckin' A double plus

I realise that I have a past to break with--an accumulation of inertia, wrong, foolishness, rot, junk.  A great need of clarification, of mindfulness, or rather, of no mind.  A need to return to genuine practice, right effort.  Need to push on the great doubt.  Need for the spirit.  Hang on to the clear light.
Thomas Merton


Have to go with Clay on this ....

Fukken RCHIVE ................. :lol:

Why do I keep this cesspool alive?

I want my own, too.

fem Wrote:Now I'm just stupid.

fem Wrote:I enjoy being a dumb cunt. Thanks.

TomFoolery Wrote:You hurt me so bad, but I just can't stop loving you.

paybacksare Wrote:I want my own, too.

paybacksare: "whaoo wahoo wahoo purge blah wahoo blah blah wahoo wedding wedding wahoo blah blah wahoo wedding wahoo blah blah blah wedding wahoo."

mmh CamelToe, wait got some real work to do I'll do some update on your case.

you up for a wytch?

CT280 Wrote:you up for a wytch?

not the time :

- discovered some new bug in outlook 2003 (he uses by default the ie temp folder to work but some security fix by m$ limit what you can do inside that. Absofuckely funny

- I've got to buy a ton of stuff so I'm browsing around catalogs for that (new ups, a new server, 10 machines, a multifunction laser thingie, a new hardrive, a life)

- luckily my login script is now finished, took time but I double-tested each parts so I know that he's ready for the action without trouble. And yes it's only a login script but I took time to see more of that funky vbscripting. I may produce some virus next week, so stay toon.

- I've done a few things and posted them here, nobody even said "it's hugly" or "I like it" it tempered my will to share my art with you

- I discovered a new board full of funny people (joking)

- Why am I doing a list ?

let me know when i fit in your schedule.

CT280 Wrote:let me know when i fit in your schedule.

you're a dude right ?

ntype Wrote:you're a dude right ?


Cameltoe: "You're taking my temp. rectally, right???"

PurpleHaze Wrote:Cameltoe: "You're taking my temp. rectally, right???"


i fucking hate this place. again.

PurpleHaze Wrote:Cameltoe: "You're taking my temp. rectally, right???"

ahahahah excelent ph

I am absolutely from San Diego.

I know what you're thinking now. You think we're all gay, don't you? Think we're all just a bunch of deviant lifestyle-living same-sex having motherfuckers, am I right?


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