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In case you haven't checked FF standings...(NSFW)


See You In Toledo

as long as it doesn't effect my run to the Super Bowl

cLaY Wrote:...I put up 128 points and now have a sharing lead of the league with mental midgets, thanks to TF's shit team.

The following moves make me look genius:

QB Mark Brunell
D Detroit Lions

RACK myself for not even showing up for the draft.


cLaY Wrote:Kevin should be turning it up the rest of the year with Cory back in the lineup. What did you think of Garcia? Very promising if you ask me...

cLaY Wrote:I'm under the impression that the month of October means shit, especially in their division. With Garcia running the offense I expect a turn around. Defense will continue leading the NFC in TOs. Lions will be representing the NFC in the Super Bowl.


The hometown Seattle Seasucks got a decent chance at the bowl this year. Still pissed that tickets are sold out for the rest of the season.

One part of the Trailer Trash Alliance

have you seen our injury report?

every decent player the Lions have is hurt...I hate football.

where's the NSFW part ?

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