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Thread: Please slap him

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    If any of our American members see this guy please bitch slap him for me, thank you.

    Star Wars

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    That guy needs help big time . Good lord are you really allowed to drive in cars like that . That would be taken off the road here and not allowed back just for the steering wheel alone let alone all the rest of the crap hes got on it .

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    You are allowed to drive things like that here... what they don't mention is most people are laughing at him on the roadways!!! :D :lol:

    Isn't he part of a 'squadron'... people all over the U.S. and Canada who customize their cars into Star Wars vechicles? No joke... I will have to look for the pictures.

    Also I wouldn't throw too many stones... he looks like me... only younger, thinner and better looking!!! :D :lol:

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    If that isn't bad enough... try this!!!

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