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Putins legacy!! - leeman - 03-01-2022

Come on everyone, let's change all pictures of the idiot to a turd, ogre (sorry ogers), whatever ugly, disgusting shit you can think of!!

So when you google Putin from now on all you will get is turds, slime what ever.

Let's erase Putin from the web!!!

#erase_putin #eraseputin #forget_putin #forgetputin

RE: Putins legacy!! - Ntype - 03-01-2022

Man what an idiot, he was going to have his major ways poisoning our democracies with all the politicians that were playing the Vlad card to be edgy or some kind of blatant idealisation of this corrupt piece.

Anyhow at the price of Ukraïna the world got remembered that he was a major problem that couldn't be ignored

RE: Putins legacy!! - leeman - 03-01-2022

I'll start!!

Here is Putin so you can recognise him Smile

RE: Putins legacy!! - leeman - 03-16-2022

Come on...

#putin #putinisaturd #fuckyouputin

RE: Putins legacy!! - leeman - 04-26-2022

Some one really needs to off this fuckturd!

RE: Putins legacy!! - QillerDaemon - 05-07-2022

I take it you're not a fan of his. Слава Україні!

RE: Putins legacy!! - leeman - 05-10-2022

(05-07-2022, 08:03 PM)QillerDaemon Wrote:  I take it you're not a fan of his. Слава Україні!

Slava Ukrayini for sure!

RE: Putins legacy!! - WoolyGoat - 05-10-2022

this thread is going well

RE: Putins legacy!! - leeman - 05-11-2022

(05-10-2022, 05:04 PM)WoolyGoat Wrote:  this thread is going well

As everything else here, make shit happend ...!