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A friend need advice - DonaldJTrump - 05-21-2020

So I have a friend, you know that I like having friends, all my friends say that I'm a great guy to be friend with - so
I have this friend who has an issue with some old neighbor that has -we think - you know I'm not a doctor but I like to say that I've seen things and I know things so I can calmy say that I have experience in telling things for my firends - so my friend has this neighbor that is dementia riden and wants to run for the head of the HOA were they are.

I know crazy I told my friend that I don't like HOA's most of the time as they are badly managed, but look this is important to be here for friends, so I think this is important that I am here for my friends even if the take bad decisions, most of the time I'm here to help my friends.

So my friend is currently head of the hoa and he's doing a wonderful job at it, haters going to hate, but I think he's doing a very good job, more than that excellent - one of his work currently is draining a swamp they have over there and building new fences - but would you imagine the amount of people that just don't even see the swamp when they are in ?! I am not even mentionning the fences, where he had to run all around the state to get quotes because they were complaining about price ! 

Crazy I telling you, so my friend has to deal with those problematics persons and I'm asking advices here (for my friend, no worries I will be telling him that I have been asking on experts over the internet their best solutions- all very deiscrete !

thanks you my friends
America first

RE: A friend need advice - leeman - 05-26-2020

Uhmmmm do try the fish.

RE: A friend need advice - DonaldJTrump - 06-01-2020

(05-26-2020, 05:29 PM)leeman Wrote:  Uhmmmm do try the fish.

Yes I love Fish, fish is very good for your health - I have a friend that does an incredibly good recipe, he calls it the chocked black bass - a riot !