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Best phone games - Ntype - 11-22-2019

So this is the time where we exchange good phone games. Because you have to keep yourself busy and masturbation isn't doing it in the work cafeteria.

1. Rebel Inc. (free)
You are elected to pacify/stabilize/bring prosperity to a shit-hole region after a civil war. The game is quite addictive with both a military and development aspect.
Many different options and 'councellors' change the game. This is quite good in fact. No annoying ads.
[Image: 2kMtMdf3KV5xLE2DjIhwfZvnkGET8mlV-Y4i_JCD...=w720-h310]
2. Penguin isle
After having bring occidental peace and values the usual victims, it's time to have a real relax time.
Penguin isle is cute, really cute. And cute and nice. Ads are voluntary on that game so more points for that.
[Image: 1EXmtYROTYR16DKkfFnu0BborzzmKNKCccQgrHhc...=w720-h310]
3. Tiny Room
Adventure game, something mysterious hapenned and you have to solve a whole bunch of mysteries accross town.
Very well done, no shitty ads and a few good ideas. The enigms are intelligent enough and you don't have any chance to get stuck as all chapters have their video workaround (for the lazy ones).
[Image: IWMkFEzC5E6mICpeGZb4-0NmnajhWRoqm2VyNR8S...e4Cnw=s180]

RE: Best phone games - leeman - 11-22-2019

Bored much?

RE: Best phone games - Ntype - 11-22-2019

(11-22-2019, 11:00 AM)leeman Wrote:  Bored much?

Nah gettin too old to wank all night

RE: Best phone games - Vitamin E - 12-09-2019

(11-22-2019, 12:30 PM)Ntype Wrote:  
(11-22-2019, 11:00 AM)leeman Wrote:  Bored much?

Nah gettin too old to wank all night

This would be a tragedy.