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Well - Banana - 09-06-2018

Not much happens here hey?

Well - WoolyGoat - 09-06-2018


Well - WoolyGoat - 09-06-2018

getting ready for hockey season

Well - who - 09-08-2018

Banana Wrote:Not much happens here hey?

Ever thought of changing your title to 'Captain Obvious' ?

Well - s.murph - 09-11-2018

With UJ and CF shut down this place should be rocking. Where the fuck is everyone?

Well - leeman - 09-18-2018

UJ DOwn ?

Well - who - 09-19-2018

leeman Wrote:UJ DOwn ?

Been a year, how was your nap?

Well - leeman - 09-30-2018

who Wrote:Been a year, how was your nap?
Good thanks, been focusing on stuff outside the web. So how are you gonna jumpstart this bitxh?

Well - who - 10-02-2018

I just had cataract surgery in both eyes, god I'm uglier than I thought.

Good question, I don't have a good answer, I'm not in touch with anyone except Irish, Raid DT's friends list on FB, he has everyone that has ever posted anywhere