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US & UN agree on human cloning ban - SizeMatters - 03-08-2005

I almost hope they do start cloning humans. then if the raelians are right we should be in for one hell of a show.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday urged governments to ban all human cloning, including the cloning of human embryos for stem-cell research, in a divided vote that handed a symbolic victory to the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush.

Capping four years of contentious debate, the 191-nation assembly voted 84 to 34, with 37 abstentions, to approve a nonbinding statement on cloning.

The United States did not play a public role in promoting the statement. But it had worked behind the scenes, hand-in-hand with U.S. anti-abortion groups, to obtain a call for a blanket ban on all cloning.

The measure was proposed by Honduras and generally supported by predominantly Roman Catholic countries, in line with Pope John Paul's condemnation of human cloning. It was generally opposed by nations where stem-cell research is being pursued.

Unusually, the United States and Britain, traditional staunch allies in the United Nations, were on opposite sides of the issue, and Britain condemned the "intransigence" of nations opposed to cloning for medical reasons.

Many Islamic nations were among those abstaining, on grounds there was no U.N. consensus on the hot-button issue of whether stem-cell research was a valid medical pursuit or the destruction of human life.

Opponents said the text was not legally binding and would have no impact on their scientists' pursuit of stem cell research.

At the heart of the debate was so-called therapeutic cloning, in which human embryos are cloned to obtain stem cells used in medical studies and later discarded.

US & UN agree on human cloning ban - Jesse Antarctica - 03-08-2005

Was legally accepted here in Switzerland. please ban every research on this really promising field.

Y'all going to buy our drugs after that.

US & UN agree on human cloning ban - leeman - 03-08-2005

Human cloning ....

Hmmmm what about a forum with 15 dairy admins ........ Huh ><

US & UN agree on human cloning ban - NinjaBassist - 03-09-2005

or even worse two 8's

US & UN agree on human cloning ban - snarg - 03-09-2005