• Oh Hai

    1) VitE - How is the cat fucking business?
    2) MT - Dude, I'm sorry you're still in Iowa. You should come down to Boulder for some classic spooning.
    3) Nanner - Can I help you with your third child?
    4) Leeman - You still owe me modhood and an avatar of decent size.
    5) Snargs - I miss your weekly junk pic PM's.
    6) Bird- I just put this here because I'm trying to bow down to your epic messageboardnessbecauseIwillneverbeascoolasyounone edtorespondbutIknowyouwillanywaybecauseyoucan
    7)CT - What's the story with the AV? What happened to PH?
    8) 8 - I put this here as a placeholder for your name.
    9) Wooly - Did the open sores on your testicles ever heal?
    10) Who- Have you checked out any cool retirement homes yet? Do you know if they'll let you post 300 daily shit links there?
    11) Jimmy - I don't talk to trolls
    12) Bam - you owe me funny pictures. Don't forget lady.
    13) Bill - What licenses do I need for animal husbandry?
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      too many clicks
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      What ya mean?
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      too many clicks