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Full Version: hbd bossman
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get fucked
(08-19-2022, 05:17 PM)WoolyGoat Wrote: [ -> ]get fucked

yeah, what he said   Cool
It's allmost heart warming....
(08-22-2022, 08:36 AM)leeman Wrote: [ -> ]It's allmost heart warming....

i wonder why you keep this cesspool alive
Holy shit! Snarg is still alive????
(09-23-2022, 10:48 PM)Anhil8tor Wrote: [ -> ]Holy shit! Snarg is still alive????

fucking right i am
older than god, but very much alive

curious if you are still supporting that fucking criminal??

hopefully you have woken up, but i doubt it
Which criminal is that?
well, there's my answer, once an idiot always an idiot