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Full Version: Dear Admins
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I am having a problem. There's nobody here for me to post with. Normally this wouldn't present any concern as I am one of those fortunate folk who can happily talk to themselves all day and the discussions are fascinating.

However it'd be nice to see a friendly face around here SOMETIME or other.

As I understood things, we were to get an influx of Poker-ers well over a month ago. During my wait I've been studying up very hard on Poker Smack (yes, there is such a thing!) and feel good about my chances to run a few of them into folding their hands and logging out.

Yet to date, not a single Poker-er has shown nary a pair, nor a full house, much less a royal flush.

What's a girl to do?
I'll step up and be your friend
Blueeyedwoman Wrote:a girl



Sorry it was a typo. I meant "a crone."